Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentines’ Day folks! I hope whatever you are doing, whether you are single or attached, you get a little bit of love and appreciation. I’m not normally one for Valentines’ Day, but this year i decided it would be nice to make something for the people i see often and hopefully brighten up their day.

So today I’m spreading the love to my family, work mates and friends with heart shaped cookies, topped with marbled icing tops. Now this may have been initially selfish on my part because I wanted to try making marbled icing, however I didn’t want a batch of 20 cookies to eat by myself.

Marbled icing was easier to make than I thought, all you need is white ready-to-roll icing and some food colouring. The recipe I used suggested using both white and red ready-to-roll however I dyed some white and feel it worked quite well, especially since we don’t use that much in our house, the ready-to-roll we had was left over from my Granddads’ birthday cake.

Here is how I did it in 3 easy steps.
1-   Dye a small amount of white ready-to-roll icing with red food colouring until you get the shade you desire.
2-   Fold into twice the amount of white ready-to-roll icing and roll out.
3-   Use your cookie cutter to make your shapes and stick to the top of your cookie using a small out of glace icing.

Just a small note when using this method, the red food colouring may stain your hands so just be careful what surfaces you put it on to roll out, though it should come off with a wipe down.

Now I think I needed more white in them really, though I am proud of how they turned out. If you have a try at making them feel free to send me a picture or link.

Happy Valentines,

Emmie xo

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