Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Making New Friends...

I went to London this weekend just gone for my works awards ceremony, as usual there was so much scandal we make a TV look like real life, but I'm upholding the what happened there, stays there rule.

Spent some time wandering around London the 2 Days after and taking photos with the new camera i got for christmas which i'd just like to share. Including the very friendly squirrels I made friends with in St. James's Park. Sorry its a photo heavy post.

 St James Park - The Lake
 Squirrel on the back of the park bench i was sat on.
 My new friend
 My new friend eating a nut
 View from Southbank over to Westminter and Big Ben at Sunset 
 Big Ben at Sunset
 Justin Bieber Murder fund - In a nice little bar off Hyde Park Corner, I think this is the most ingenious tip jar I've seen.
 Buckingham Palace at Night
 The London Eye and County Hall
 Westminster Bridge
 Big Ben in the Sunrise light
 The London Eye and the Thames
 Big Bens Clockface
 Big Ben
 Buckingham Palace from the middle of the road at sunset

The Sweetest old lady feeding the birds on St James's Park. She has a pigeon in her arms and the birds seemed to love her back. It made me think of the Bird Lady from Mary Poppins.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Emmie xo

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