Friday, 3 February 2012

Question Time

The other day i was tagged to answer a few questions by fellow blogger and friend Kira at Functional Misfit. So today i thought I would do my best to answer them.

1. What is it that made you decide to make a blog? 
I decided to create my blog as an emotional and creative outlet. I work in a creative, customer orientated business and i thought it would be nice to focus my energy on something other than work. I have a habit of coming home and doing more research for work and sitting down working out figures so its nice to have an outlet.

2. If you could have any job in the world what would it be? 
This is a hard one because i love the job I'm in. Though i think if i could do anything else i would probably love to do something within Fashion. Whether its writing a column for a magazine, organising models for photo shoots, personal styling or even just on an ideas team to help create new trends, i love fashion. Its constant, changeable, fast paced and creative. If not something where i got to travel and see more of the world.

3. Have you made any resolutions this year and kept them? 
I generally don't make resolutions. It is one thing i stand by. If you make resolutions for the sake of them (eg. because its new year, because you felt obliged) you heart isn't really in it, and in my opinion you are more likely to give up. so if i make resolutions i generally make small manageable promises to myself with a time scale that way once I've done it i can make another to further my original.

My only ongoing one is to get out of my comfort Zone, which i have done plenty of, including going solo to a wedding where i only knew the bride! Its surprising what wonderful people you meet and get to know when you're solo.

4. Name one thing that makes your day that bit better: 
Hugs. If I'm having a bad day a hug from a friend or family member (normally my father) can cheer me up no end. They really are the best medicine.

5. Your favourite hot drink: 
Tea. Always tea. If Hugs are not available, tea is the next thing i go to. Which is probably not a good thing as i drink enormous quantities of the stuff. Currently Earl Grey is my tea of choice, but i have some special that i picked up from a lovely vegan cafe on Camden Lock in London called Yumcha, their 'Caramel Sweetheart' blend is beautiful.

6. Where would you like to be in 10 years time? 
I'd love to have my own house or possibly have moved to London and be working there. 

7. Biggest regret? 
To be honest i have quite a few. I regret staying at the same place of employment so long. In my industry i now see its not a good thing as you get penned in and don't progress past a certain point. And it has held me back from travelling. I once ended up cancelling a holiday to New York for work.

Another regret that i still have was not having my photo taken by Wayne Tippets for Street Style Aesthetic. I hadn't heard of his blog at the time and while i know there would have been little time as i was on the way to the theatre i now wish i had taken it. He was so lovely and sweet, and i felt so honoured and complimented by someone. We had a lovely little chat about fashion and how my look resembled something modern vintage. If i ever get asked again i will make sure to make time. Even if I'm in a rush. So if you happen to ever chance my blog Wayne, I'm ready for my close up!

8. Biggest pet peeve? 
Rudeness. There is absolutely no need for it. I don't care if you are in a rush, if your boyfriend/girlfriend fell out with you that morning, you had a bad childhood or if you were just born rude, being polite will get you a long way, being rude can ruin the day of someone else. So just remember if you're having a bad day and feeling like snapping at your friend/co-worker/that barman they might be having a bad day too and you should NEVER take your frustrations out on them. 

9. If you had only one movie that you could watch for the rest of your life which would it be and why? 
Breakfast at Tiffanys'. Its the age of glamour and women asserting themselves. Holly Golightly is such a delightful character and who wouldn't fall for Paul 'Fred' Varjak. To Parapharse Holly is absolutely Darling! Audrey Hepburn is also one of my favourite actresses, she just has so much class and grace. She was one in a million.

10. The kindest thing you've done in 2011? 
We're not too far into 2011 yet so I'm sure there is still time to beat this but for my friends birthday i have organised for us to go to London and tour parliament and go to Prime Ministers Question Time, which she has wanted to do for ages. I've also going to take her to see one of her favourite writers and actors on the west end in his new play. I still have a few surprises up my sleeve for her yet so i wont reveal all but i think that might be the kindest thing i have done so far.

11. Cookies or Ice Cream?
Cookies. I can dip them in my tea then.

I Think from here I'm supposed to pose 11 Questions to 11 Bloggers or followers but since I'm still so new i don't really have many people to tag. So instead I'll ask whomever chooses, to respond  to only 3 questions.

1. Where would you most love to go in the world and why?
2. If you knew tomorrow was your last day on earth what would you spend today doing?
3. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be?

I'm looking forward to see if i get any replies!

Emmie xo

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