Friday, 30 March 2012

Currently Loving - Coloured Denim

A huge trend for spring that I am throughly loving is coloured denim, and with so many colours to pick from I feel spoilt for choice! I've dipped my toe in with white at the moment, which i brought while in London on monday, but i have a feeling that since denim is such a huge part of my everyday wardrobe I may end up with a whole spectrum of coloured denim by the end of summer.

My favourite denim cut is Topshop's Baxter. So incredibly comfy but not a super skinny cut so they are super flattering. My next colour choice will definitely be the coral as i have a love affair for that colour that will never die.

What denim will you be coveting this season and where from?

Emmie xo


  1. Replies
    1. I think I am going to. Have you worn yours yet? I'd love to see how you wear them. A girl came into my work on saturday wearing coral jeans and she looked so stylish.

    2. I am loving yellow and coral pink :)) hoping to loose the lase of my baby weight so I can squeeze into some for summer. Xxxxx


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