Friday, 9 March 2012

Lookbook.Nu - Help! I'm Alive...

So I've recently joined, which for those of you who haven't yet heard of it it is a website where people upload pictures of their personal style and other members 'hype' your look. Its not designed for people to be malicious and put you down about your look, but inspire yourself and others.

I discovered Lookbook via Pinterest when i was pinning pictures of looks I liked for inspiration on influencing my own style. So i decided I'd have a go, and here is my first 'look' taken by my friend Claire over at Little Lion Hampers.

So that's me. I will admit it felt awkward having my photo taken, I'm usually behind the camera but I suppose I'll get more confident. I've added the Lookbook widget to my side bar and if you like my look please go and hype it. My Lookbook Profile can be found here.

Do you use Lookbook? Want me to check out your looks? Post me a link!

Emmie xo

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