Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The French Bakery

Hello all! I recently went back down to London for a friend’s birthday weekend and we came across this lovely looking bakery just down the road from out hotel in County Hall. ‘The French Bakery’ was such a cute little delight, it was like Marie Antoinette had set up shop and let them eat cake. Sugary sweet displays, comfy chairs, dolls houses, flowery tea pots, gold framed menus, antiques and artwork decorate this little café on Belvedere Road.
Granted you will pay £2 for a small coffee and nearly £4 for fresh orange juice but that pretty standard in London and coffee houses nowadays. I think it is well worth a visit just to have a look at the quirky surroundings and to try something different. You can find their website here

Have you tried somewhere interesting and different recently? Tell me where!

Emmie xo


  1. I've found so many cute coffee/tea houses turning up in Norwich down St Benedicts Street and the likes! I tend not to go down there much as I don't use the comic book store any more. It is stocked with neat vintage stores too now :D

    1. Sounds lovely. I think there is getting to be a bit of a demand for decent tea houses now. I think people want more choice than just your standard Costas and Starbucks.

      The vintage stores sound nice, I'll have to check them out when I'm over in norwich next.


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