Friday, 15 June 2012

One Bikini, Two Bikini...

As I'm still all about my holidays and packing I thought I'd share this ingenious idea I saw somewhere. For short holidays or holidays where you wont need to wear a swimsuit often, but you still want to have the variety try this idea. Buy 2 Bikinis in colours that compliment each other. They could clash, both be patterned, just one could be or could both be plain. If you are going for a print make sure that your plain bikini is one of the colours in your patterned bikini. and Mix and match!

So these are my Bikinis for my holiday, and because the colours are so similar instead of having just two bikinis I get four!

Saving you some space in your suitcase for something else. Granted swimwear never really takes up that much luggage allowance or space but if you were going for a beach weekend and had limited allowance this will save you a small but precious amount.

Hope you are enjoying my packing idea posts. Would you like to see more? 
Bon Voyage!

Emmie xo


  1. Ah love this idea, with these increasing limits on baggage allowed this could make all the difference :D.

    Some day I shall don a bikini, soon I hope :D

    1. Especially for beach weekends, or if your are just generally bored of wearing matching sets.

      I shall look forward to the day you don your bikini and come don mine with you... Holiday abroad?? Bikinis look best with tans.


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