Monday, 13 August 2012

Fall into Winter - Trends Part 1

Now I know it seems to some of your reading this a bit pre-mature to be thinking about Autumn (Fall) wardrobes but unfortunately here in the UK it seems like our weather wants to stay eternally in-between seasons. You never quite know what weather you are going to get. So while I was thinking about this I started looking back at the AW12 catwalks to see what we can take to start our transition through to the chillier months and look at some of the trends.

Now when I did my Spring-Summer catwalk break down I went over a lot of the trends in one go. As a Fledgling blogger I suppose it made sense to me however for Autumn-Winter I’m going to spread the trends over a few posts, the first of which seems apt with the aforementioned weather.

Trend – Layering

L-R Chanel, Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Balmain

Brilliant for when the weather doesn’t know what to do, layering is something that always seems to be a staple on the AW catwalks and you can do it in almost any way you like. This year knits are taking centre stage, whether as a long cardigan coat as seen at Chanel or fine knits in almost identical hues layered over each other at Vivienne Westwood. You can even look to mix in other textures like faux fur, velvet or sheer fabrics to give the look a floaty feel.

Ideally pair this look with heels to keep the look from feeling too bulky and if you do feel like you lose your shape a little try adding another key AW trend to the mix by adding a waist belt to cinch you in and give you your curves back.

Trend – Belts

L-R Temperley London, Mulbery, John Galliano, Balmain

Belts were a key accessory for AW12 and seen on most catwalks like Dior, Balmain, Chloe and Temperley London however I loved how Mulberry did belts best. Worn over your winter coat to bring you some polish to an otherwise standard Autumn staple, to add that final touch to your skirt or just to show of your waist in that dress you love, make sure you have a waist belt in your AW check list.

Now the belts on the catwalk came in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses so it is a case of anything goes however if you want to lengthen your torso opt for one in the same colour as your outfit so that the eye doesn’t break up your body when looking at the outfit.

Trend – Leather

L-R Christopher Kane, Topshop Unique, Kate Spade, Emillio de la Morena

Leather is the last we’re going to look at today because as a fabric it can mix into any trend, so think about leather when buying your new pieces. Some of you may already have a few leather pieces in your wardrobe that you can use or update to bring it into the AW bracket. If you don’t or just don’t like the idea of a leather skirt, trousers or coat look to add touches of it into your wardrobe. Red Leather gloves as seen at Kate Spade could give a pop to a simple outfit and tick the leather box, or a leather panel on a skirt as seen at Topshop Unique can give you your tick in a subtle and versatile way.

I’ll be adding in my leather subtlety and treating myself to a nice pair of leather gloves this year so I can start wearing them just as the weather drops cooler with a layered outfit and then with my coat and waist belt when winter truly sets in.

Hope this helps you and gets you thinking about how you’ll be updating your wardrobe!

Let me know how you will be trying these trends and maybe even leave me a link to your photos.

Emmie xo

I'd like to add that i do not own rights to any of these images. Locations for where i got them can be found on my Fashion- AW board on pinterest.

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