Friday, 10 August 2012

Lookbook: Sunshine and Showers

Hat - H&M
Scarf - Zara
Jumper - H&M
Vest (Under Jumper) - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop Baxter
Shoes - Converse
Umbrella - Primark

I spent last weekend visiting my BFF in Scotland, which was amazing but the weather was incredibly unpredictable. Cloudy and cold, rainy but warm or a full blow heat wave and you could have all three in one day making it a nightmare to decide what to wear. I chose to go for jeans, converse and a light short sleeved jumper to make sure I had layers but was comfortable with all the walking we had planned. It was so amazing to see my friend again, we laughed so hard we cried and our stomach muscles will have improved ten fold!

Heres some Photos from my weekend.

Beautiful House/Hotel

An old steam liner

Flooded in

Our walk along the seafront

Boats in the bay

Journeying Home

Here's hoping whatever you did at the weekend you had an amazing time.

Emmie xo

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