Sunday, 4 November 2012

October - This Month I Loved...

This is something new I'm going to add to my blog. I feel that it is so hard to be positive nowadays, people seem to find it easier to be negative and complain than to see the good in every day. SO I decided I'd high-light some of my 'Loves' each month and hopefully anyone who happens to stumble across my blog will feel inspired and tell me what made them smile, be grateful and Positive.

1) Autumn Leaves - I love the colours of the leaves in Autumn, its like an artist has dipped his brush and painted a wondrous spectrum of red, orange, ochre, yellow and mahogany across the landscape. Leaves flutter from the trees in the cool Autumn breeze and carpet the ground like confetti. To me there is no season better than Autumn.
2) Time off work - I had some holiday left so I took 6 days off to give me a grand total of 12 consecutive days in a row! I've been non-stop for the last 2 months with going back to college and having to do all my homework from that as well as my normal hours at work having time to relax, spend time with my loved ones and even clean was greatly appreciated.

3) Clear Skies - I love stargazing and unfortunately all summer the UK was under a massive cloud that just would not seem to leave us alone day or night. So this month I have been grateful for some reprieve from clouds at night so I can watch the planets slowly shuffle across the skies and learn some more constellations.
4) Hallowe'en - OK, so in the UK we don't really make a big fuss of Hallow e'en but there is just something wonderfully mischievous in the air for me on this date each year. Whether its the 'Witching Hour' or just the idea the spirits come back and have some playful fun again (or maybe just dressing up silly) Hallowe'en is possibly my favourite holiday of the year.

What did you love in October?

Emmie xo

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