Friday, 30 November 2012

November - This Month I Loved...

November can be a bit of a strange month here in the UK, Once you have Halloween and Bonfire night out of the way at the start of the month there is nothing separating you from Christmas, so it can be quite difficult to find things that you love. Normally Bonfire night would be on my list however due to a busy work schedule I missed it completely this year which was disappointing. So here is my list of things I loved in November.
1) Hot Chocolate - There is something really satisfying about having a mug of hot chocolate when the weather has dropped cold and it’s even better in the run up to Christmas as all the coffee houses are doing their seasonal specials which mean you can make your hot chocolate a bit more special depending on your mood. I favour a shot of peppermint syrup, or cinnamon sugar, in mine normally however last week I went to Costa and had their Salted Caramel syrup, which is out for their salted caramel lattes and it was amazing! I'm so thankful for the poor barista that had to deal with me as I was asking all sorts of questions until I finally made my mind up on my order. Thankfully their patience with me means I may have found my new go-to winter warmer.

2) Good Friends - November was a bit of a rough month for me but I was lucky enough to have friends that will listen to me, make me laugh or distract me when I need it.
3) Christmas Shopping - Ok so it depresses most people and the thought of heading into the city can send some people into a mild panic but I kind of love it. Deciding what to get people and thinking up the best and most thoughtful gifts you can. I even enjoy the challenge of sticking to my budget. Christmas may be the time of giving but not at the expense of putting yourself into debt. So Make presents and shop around but do not re-gift, it shows no thought and to me it’s the thought that counts more than the cost.

4) Layering up - Colder weather means you can layer your clothing and look all snuggly as well as warm! Getting your winter jumpers out from their summer hiding places, wearing long socks, knee high boots, hats, gloves, scarves, coats, blanket cardigans you name it and you can layer it.
5) Candles - I adore candles, especially as the nights draw in and days get shorter. They add ambiance to your home not just inviting scents. I prefer fresh or fruity fragrances that aren't too sweet especially if they remind me of the season. My favourite brand is definitely  Yankee Candle as the candles are designed to have scent from the first time you light the wick until they extinguish themselves for the last time. Scents can help provoke memories or even make days, every year since discovering Yankee Candles I have always burned their 'Christmas Eve' candle on Christmas Eve so no matter what I know the holiday is just around the corner.

What did you love this Month?

Emmie xo


  1. Agreed on all of these, I've been finding new places to get hot chocolate whilst out too :)

    1. Well let me know where you find them and what flavours! :)


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