Tuesday, 9 April 2013

13 for 2013 - April Update

Today is a quick update on my progress towards my goal for 2013, my bucket list so to speak that posted about back at the end of January. I think tracking it on my blog will be a really good way of seeing what I have done and what I need to do more of. So here is the list and the movement on it.

1) Visit another continent - This may end up being difficult as the holiday {vacation} I have booked for this year with my family is once again in Europe. Though I am hoping I'll have enough money to visit the friends from North America I made on last year’s cruise.

2) Complete college qualification - Nearly there! Even better my assessor seems to indicate I’m doing really well and that I should be done pretty soon. Only case studies and workbooks to do and a practical assessment, keep your fingers crossed for me.

3) Learn some new recipes - So I made a good start on this one trying out loads of new cupcake recipes. I'm hoping soon to try out some recipes from Rachael Khoos 'Little Paris Kitchen' book, especially the trout with lemon and fennel cooked in paper parcels. I'll let you know how that one goes

4) Run a 5K - I am now officially entered into the Race For Life in July and after a lazy March I will be getting back into the gym 3 times a week to build up my stamina for the race.

5) Enter a photographic competition, challenge or both - This month I am doing Australian blogger Fat Mum Slims Photo A Day challenge. So far, so good. It is challenging and thoroughly enjoyable with the prompts meaning you can interpret the picture how you want to increase you creativity. Follow my progress over on Instagram @Japanesecherry

6) Learn a new language or re-learn an old one – This one will be started from this month, I’m going to re-learn my French. My Mum got me ‘French for Dummies 6-1’ so I can teach myself. I got pretty good grades when I was doing my GCSE’s so I’m hoping I’ll be ok.

7) Take a couple of guitar lessons – Not started this one yet. I have been attempting to  pick up my guitar a little more but not making great strides here yet.

8) Do something for charity – Coving this one with my Race for Life run. It raises money for Cancer Research UK. I’m hoping I’ll get £300 in donations for them. Fingers Crossed.

9) Give up Tea for Lent – Tried and Failed. I managed 34 days before I gave up and had a cup, though in my defence I only gave up because I had a horrendous cold and after I had a cup I felt a million times better. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t make it through but I am never attempting to give up tea again, I love it far too much and it was too hard to give up even for one day. What can I say, I’m a tea addict.

10) Research the family tree – I have my one of my granddads side of the tree, I’m currently working on my Nannas’ side of the tree before moving on to my Dads side of the family.

11) Work to become a good salon manager – Going well so far, we are nearly hitting our targets and things are running smoothly but only time will tell.

12) Do something you have never done before (not on this list) – Still not sure what I’m going to do but I’m sure I’ll work it out soon.

Heres to more progress in the upcoming months!

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