Saturday, 27 April 2013

Passenger : All The Little Lights

I don't normally blog about music I enjoy but this one has to be said. Last month I was looking for some new music so I asked my friend in Canada and she recommended Passenger aka Mike Rosenberg. A British singer-songwriter who plays folk inspired music and who's album, "All The Little Lights", I have been unable to stop listening to since. It appears the British public now see {or rather hear}  what I did, a wonderful voice with clever, funny and heartfelt lyrics since his most recent single 'Let Her Go' is working its way up the iTunes chart.

Have a listen and see what you think. I love the entire album and if you get the deluxe version on iTunes you can also get all the songs in acoustic as well as a live of 'I Hate' which has me in fits of giggles everytime I hear it and perks up and bad day. My pick off the album would probably be 'Life's for the Living' but as i say they are all delightful.

What do you think of Passengers music?

Em xo

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