Wednesday, 9 April 2014

London: Borough Market

 Last week I spent a day down in London with my friend Jane as we both wanted to escape home and go to the big smoke, which in this case quite literally smoke as we were down on the worse day of all the pollution and Saharan sand blowing in from over Europe. I’ve never been to Borough Market but Jane told me it was incredible and boy was it. The market mainly sells food but the smells and sights that surround you really add to the experience. The market has been there for the last 200 odd years, just off of the river in the shadow of the shard.

We drank Prosecco and went round tasting as many of the markets delights as we could, eyeing up all the different foods millions of different varieties of tomato, mushrooms, cheese, wines and teas. I came home my purse much lighter, bag much heavier and senses delighted. I ended up buying a load of gorgeous chocolates, truffle oils and tea. There is such a good atmosphere and a real mix of people from city boys in their suits having a lunch time drink to dressed down foodies doing their weekly shop.

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