Friday, 7 February 2014

Review: bareMinerals 9 Piece Starter Kit

So when I went to the Spa last week I tried bareMinerals starter kit to see what I thought of it and frankly I’ve been really impressed. I was in complete shock when in front of my eyes the assistant covered my forever pink cheeks {as you can see in my before and after} with only a small amount of the mineral powder instead of the lashings of foundation and concealer I usually use. The first time I used the kit myself at home however I didn’t quite get the same coverage but the second time I did so I am guessing as the product layers up on your brush a little it helps.

It claims to be part make up and part skincare and the assistant at the spa explained this is because it is made of minerals including Zinc which is excellent for healing and cellular metabolism and so helps clear your skin so after prolonged usage you should have fewer breakouts and healthier skin.

The powder is incredibly light on skin and I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything and even keeps my oily T-zone calm for the day. The kit came with a primer, 3 brushes, the full flawless face, flawless face and max coverage concealer and 4 pots of powders. I got the kit for light skin so mine contained Fairly Light (N10), Light (W15), Warmth and Mineral Veil with the idea that you use the one or both of the Light powders for your concealer and foundation, Warmth for your blush and Mineral Veil to seal the look and absorb oil.

At £50 for the starter kit its a little bit of a commitment but for the small amount of product you use i can see it lasting for a while. I’m really enjoying the product at the moment as I feel that when I wear it I look natural and bare faced but I know I am wearing make-up. I haven’t had any serious break outs from using it yet.


  1. Looks amazing, dunno if I could push for that price just now though :(

    1. I know. Its a bit tricky to get used to too. I'm still struggling to get a really good coverage thats lasts. I'm hoping with a bit more time I will be able to, if not I wont be getting more.


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