Friday, 28 February 2014

Review: Browzings by Benefit

As I admitted when I did my Top hair and beauty products of 2013 I have never really done anything with my eyebrows. So imagine my surprise when I tried Benefits Browzings that I actually really liked the effect. The product contains a wax for contouring and a powder for filling. I love the texture of the product because It is so lightweight and you can build it up as dark or light as you want.

It comes in a handy pocket sized compact with a mirror for touch ups on the go with 2 brushes, a blending brush and an angled brush, as well as some tweezers for plucking out any unwanted stragglers and making your brows look fantastically polished. I absolutely adore this product as I think it gives a more natural effect than a brow pencil.

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